Workflow is one of the most important factors when it comes to editing. A smooth workflow process can not only speed up editing time, but make it more enjoyable. We all dread waiting for videos to render. But rendering wait times is unavoidable, so what can we really do about that.

The workflow for sending edits to a client has always been pretty standard. For me it was render out the video. Upload either to Vimeo or YouTube privately, or send the file to the client via wetransfer. Then the client would tell me which parts they would like changed by explaining what the scene looked like or giving me the time between where the shot took place in a long email. I then would go back to the sequence, find what they were describing and change it. This process wasn’t my favorite, but it was all I knew.

Well I stumbled upon an app that changed the whole game for me.  This app Wipster allowed me to render, send, and receive comments about my edit to a client, all without leaving Adobe Premiere! I know right, crazy! What even better is when they get the video, they can write directly on the screen of the shot they want altered. Then there comments show up on your timeline as comment markers.  This app changed the game for me. So I felt like it was my duty to share! So I made this video.  Enjoy, and you are welcome!

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