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3 Types Of Horrible Clients

Freelancing or running your own service based company where you do most or all of the actual client service work, lets you meet and work with very interesting characters.  Some of them are very pleasant and are a pleasure to work with.  But some can be a living nightmare.  So today I am going to let you know the 3 types of clients that will make your project interaction time, horrible.

The Control Freak
This is the client that hires you because you know what you are doing in this field and they have no idea. You are the best and they want you. But when you do the work and make your creative judgement calls, the client wants to over rule all your suggestions, decisions and ultimately takes creative control.  This type of client makes me laugh because at the end of the day, why did you hire me?  As a creative we know what looks good or whats going to be best to convey something. Yet the client changes everything and ultimately just uses you as a tool to create their vision from start to finish without utilizing your creative skill. Now this type of client isn’t too bad when they are paying you a great amount of money to just do exactly what they want, because they end up doing all the work without them knowing. But the end result might not be something you are proud of because most of the creative decisions made were not yours.

High Demands, Low Pockets
This client can really push your buttons and out of all is the most disrespectful to your craft and value.  This is the client that you either give an amazing deal, or they take the minimum package to get the work done. Then as the project progresses this client begins to act as if they paid a million dollars and starts to demand things that you never promised or is not part of their minimum package purchase. This is the type of client that will ask for multiple revisions like crazy, demand things at an earlier time and get mad at you, when you never promised anything that they are asking for. These people are hard to identify because at first they act as if their project is easy and they do not want much, but in the middle of the project you will see the shift. It’s hard to avoid them, but once you know who this client is, you know never to work with them again.

The Dream Seller
This client is always talking about the next project and what it will do for themselves and ultimately you.  They tell you about all the connections they have and how this project will put you on the map, or elevate your career status etc. This client sells you all these pipe dreams in hopes of getting a free project out of you (or next to nothing).  9 times out of 10, nothing comes out of it, and even if it does, all the dreams they sold you about working together when they get successful, ends up falling apart because they most likely will go to the next person. But if they don’t get successful, they always come back and try to sell you another pipe dream again in hopes of more free work.  But if you want to know where I stand on free work check out this video about the topic.

So if yo ever run into these types of clients, may the Lord have mercy on your soul.