Vertical Content | The New Wave

Vertical Content | The New Wave

Vertical Content | The New Wave

If you aren’t reading this on your cellphone, I’m pretty sure that your phone is less than 2 feet away from you. Yup, I was right. And because we are constantly on our phones there has been a shift in content’s priority native form.   Websites and most content was made for best viewing on a computer. Now that we use the phone to do most of our online surfing, and social media activities, creating content for best viewing on your phone is now becoming a trend. The “mobile first” thought process.

People have short attention spans and catching that attention has become the goal for marketers and content creators.  Widescreen videos and photos were cool when people were watching on computer screens and if your phone allows you to rotate. But apps like Instagram and Facebook video in the timeline don’t allow for that.  So ultimately creating content that 9:16 aspect ratio would look the best and have the best impact.

My friend brought it up to me the other day and showed me this Instagram video from Jordan.  The video was in 9:16 aspect ratio and looked amazing.  It had such an impact because it was so long that you didn’t want to scroll to the next image.  Jordan brand actually does an amazing job at vertical content.

My friends at Wipster shared a blog post the other day about a documentary that was shot all in vertical.  The crew had actually turned the camera sideways to film this documentary.  And after seeing these two things I now want to create content vertically. So the next few weeks I am going to be trying out some vertical videos and photos and see how they do. If they get more likes, comments, etc.

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