Re-inspire Your Creativity

Re-inspire Your Creativity

Re-inspire Your Creativity

Losing your creative spark for a moment is normal.  I see it as writers block, it happens, and you just need to reignite the fire.  Creativity is like fuel for a car (you being the car in this scenario) and eventually it runs out and you need to get more.  But the big question is how do you refuel your creativity.

Well everyone is different and what inspires me might not inspire you.  But as someone that has thrived off being since I was 14 years old, I have my ways to replenish my creativity.

Lateral Inspiration
What do I mean by this, let me use myself for an example.  I am a filmmaker, but when I want inspiration I will look to fashion, music, and different forms of art other than video to get inspiration.

Solo Dolo
Going on out by yourself and taking in life around you.  Sometimes I will go to the mall, take a long walk and just take in everything I see. Let my thoughts go where ever they go and let the beauty and chaos of life passing by spark my creativity.

Change Of Scenery
Recently I went to Alberta, and got a huge amount of inspiration and creativity.  I urge you if you can every so often change up your scenery. Whether it’s a vacation, a few hours away from the city. Whatever is your everyday habitat, find something totally left field from that.  And just go there with the intention to create, ANYTHING.

That’s what I do to reignite my creative spark if I misplace it for a moment. Hope it helps you.
And here is the video I created when in Alberta. Enjoy!



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