Teamwork Makes The Dream Work | Episode 15

Coming into Q4 of a pandemic stricken world, we get into what we have been up to. The importance and differences of working solo vs. working with a team. When the money is not worth the stress. New gear we’ve gotten lately and inspiring things we have seen lately.

Sharing Other Artists Work w/ Jodianne Beckford | Episode 12

The topic which sparked this episode was the common theme on social being cried out about “sharing your artist friends work” and such. Photographer and host of the E Project Jodianne Beckford comes to kick it with us on the podcast to dive deeper into this. Naturally the conversation veers off and we talk about elevator pitches, the importance of curation and more! You might notice some older references and that is because this is an episode that was in the vault for a year. It’s a good one!

Pay The Invoice | Episode 11

Happy new year! Lets start it off by letting fellow freelancers huddle in a circle and share all of the most ridiculous excuses clients gave them for not paying their invoice on time. You know it’s something majority of creatives rant about. So lets laugh at it together.

The End Of Social Media! | Episode 10

You didn’t hear? Let me paint the picture. You wake up, grab your phone, check your instagram and BAM! It’s not there. You probably restart your phone. Still gone. Well we got a question and some more for you…Tune in.

Business Principles w/ Chris Hughes | Episode 8

CEO Chris Hughes of A Nerd’s World sat down with the podcast to talk about his extensive history in business and entrepreneurship. Giving plenty of gems from working with clients and more! A great listen for creative entrepreneurs and anyone planning on starting a business.

Go Out And Shoot | Episode 7

Many of you start planning your future in film and video. You sit there and plan out your strategic moves for your career path but you aren’t doing the most important thing. Going out and shoot! Today we talk in depth of the reasons why you should go out and shoot regardless if you have a client or not. Also we speak on where it leads you to, and the opportunity you create!

IGTV Just Turned Up The Heat | Episode 6

You probably know by now, and if you don’t, let us tell you. Instagram just stepped it up by releasing a new app part of Instagram that is called IGTV. Want to know more about and why we are so hype? Stop reading this and listen to the episode!