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Aux God: Brunch & Battle

Last week I filmed one of the most fun events you can be at.  Have you ever heard of the Aux God Game? If you haven’t, allow me to explain.  It is a game where two teams battle with music on their phone to playing cards written by creator Mike Rousseau. And let me tell you, it can get wild! The event we were filming was the Aux God: Brunch & Battle.  So think tournament style. I’ve been to an Aux God event as an audience member and trust me, you start rocking out when certain songs get played.

Filming the event, you got to focus on your frame, even though you want to jump with the rest of the crowd.
Check out the video we produced for the Aux God Game.

To see the photos from the event click here
Photography by Max Power

Closure: Theatrical Trailer

The music video I created for the record Closure by Lincoln drops this week. In light of its anticipation, I present to you a trailer for the music video. As film and music collide, Closure is a record of finding solace in the ending of a relationship.

I decided to go with dialogue and a scene as a trailer, opposed to the traditional exert from the actual music video because the best way to show that emotion and premise what the record is, would be by this semi awkward encounter two ex lovers have.

PhotoED Magazine

This video we produced for PhotoED magazine, is a Pecha Kucha. You might be wondering what that is, and so was I before getting on the project. It is a style of presentation where you go through 20 slides and you have 20 seconds per each slide. Check out all the different artists that took part in the event.


Photo-based emerging artist Sage Szkabarnicki-Stuart talks
about how tv shows like Jackass inspire her to create
images to stop viewers in their tracks.

Artist and underwater photographer, MEAGHAN OGILVIE talks about
the challenges and the beauty of shooting underwater.

about how photography plays an important role in connecting
with youth and talking about ideas around perception,
assumption, diversity and dreaming big.

Artist and curator Alexis Marie Chute talks about her
work and how she came to curate the InFocus Photo Exhibition.

Artist FARIHAH SHAH talks about her work and what she’s been
exploring through her fine art photographic practice.

NPAC photojournalist Nick Iwanyshyn shares some of his favourite images and stories.

THIS IS WORLDTOWN tells us about how they work together to
share and collaborate to tell their stories.

PhotoED Magazine editor/ publisher, RITA GODLEVSKIS talks about
what we do + what’s ahead for this indy Canadian
photo publication, including our new #photoedelite MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM,
our FREE digital edition, stuff we LOVE to do + stuff we LOVE to share!

PHOTOGRAPHERS WITHOUT BORDERS founder Danielle Da Silva talks
about how the camera can do wonderful things,
but also damaging things… questions about appropriation, gaze
and questioning yourself – are you just taking?
or giving back as a photographer?

Emerging artist JUSTIN ATKINS shares his work and talks about experimentation,
creating alter egos, and entertaining yourself through your work.

Healthy Is Hot

So my friend Chloe Wilde started a movement called Healthy Is Hot.  The name of the movement/platform says it all.  She actually created it during a time when she was on a reality show and since has grown the movement with a whole team and thousands of followers.

So why did she start HIH exactly? Well…

“In 2013, I was a part of a Canadian series where MuchMusic was on the hunt for their next VJ; being on the road for a month Combined with crazy amounts of stress that I was going to screw up and be sent home threw me on a downward spiral of not eating well. There was a moment where I realized how bad I was being to my body and decided to take back some control – I went to the gym and used the hashtag #healthyishot for the very first time. Fast forward 3 years and we are here.”

Watch the video of the event right here!

New Year, Videos, and Social Strategy | Episode 2

Let me start off by saying Happy New Year! Did you guys miss the podcast?! We got a lot of great responses from the first episode. So now we are here weekly. You can expect a new episode every weekend.

So this episode we get into the “New year, new me” mind state that many of you are in. The most important thing coming into this new year is having a game plan. And in this episode we give you some tips that we have used and worked for us and that we are planning to use this year. We also share some of our equipment choices for filmmaking this year, as well as some social media strategies.

Anyways, enough talking. Time for you to tune in to the Secret Filmmakers Society podcast. And at the end of the episode, hit us up with answers to the questions we asked you.


ComplexCon 2017

This year has really been a great year here at Customatic. There were a few destinations to be at on the 2017 location list I created and LA was one of them.  Sidewalk Hustle and Shopify had me come out to Long Beach to produce a recap video for ComplexCon 2017.


Being in Long Beach, California during this convention was amazing. The sneaker and flipping culture within hypebeast clothing is very interesting and infectious. Getting to see so many amazing artists like Andre 3000, Pharrel, Jaden Smith, and so many more was definitely a highlight. Not to mention the social media stars that were in the building. Like Ricegum and the clout gang, Jay Versace and more. Definitely looking forward to next years ComplexCon.

In Camera Video Transitions

With the influx of travel vloggers and YouTube filmmakers, transitions have been all the rage. Most people thinking the more complicated and complex the better.  Trying different ways in post to make their videos better.  But there is a way you can get some very cool in camera transitions that take barely to no effort in post.  Whether you are using Adobe Premiere CC, AVID, Final Cut.  It doesn’t matter.  This is all done in camera.  Watch the video below to find out how!

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom #MovieNight

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom released its new trailer and for the very first episode of #MovieNight.  If you are wondering what Movie Night is, this is the show where we go over my favourite upcoming movies and TV series that I am looking forward to and breaking down some of the story line.  If you are a lover of the Jurassic Park franchise like I am, then you might have the same thoughts that I have when it comes to the new Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

For more videos, head over to my YouTube channel Customatic where we talk filmmaking, content creation, digital media, movies and more!

Welcome Filmmakers, All We Ask Is Trust | Episode 1

Welcome to the very first episode of the Secret Filmmakers Society Podcast. This is the podcast where we talk everything film to help the modern day creative navigate this digital world. Hear our views, opinions and experiences in this industry and discuss the lastest. Hosted by yours truly Joshua Tubbs and my co-host Jay Wills. Get ready to enter the world of film through our eyes.

Practice Sessions 006

If you are familiar with my Practice Session series, welcome to a new one! If you are not, let me break it down for you.  Practice Session is a series on my YouTube channel where I let my creative freedom reign and create a film that doesn’t necessarily have to have any context to it.  Sometimes it is just to practice a certain shot, look, or camera movement, and sometimes it is a test for something I have coming up.  Overall, I turn it into a digestible piece for you guys to watch.