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Teamwork Makes The Dream Work | Episode 15

Coming into Q4 of a pandemic stricken world, we get into what we have been up to. The importance and differences of working solo vs. working with a team. When the money is not worth the stress. New gear we’ve gotten lately and inspiring things we have seen lately.

Sharing Other Artists Work w/ Jodianne Beckford | Episode 12

The topic which sparked this episode was the common theme on social being cried out about “sharing your artist friends work” and such. Photographer and host of the E Project Jodianne Beckford comes to kick it with us on the podcast to dive deeper into this. Naturally the conversation veers off and we talk about elevator pitches, the importance of curation and more! You might notice some older references and that is because this is an episode that was in the vault for a year. It’s a good one!

Pay The Invoice | Episode 11

Happy new year! Lets start it off by letting fellow freelancers huddle in a circle and share all of the most ridiculous excuses clients gave them for not paying their invoice on time. You know it’s something majority of creatives rant about. So lets laugh at it together.

Just Ace It | 1st Annual Brunch

Yesterday was the ‘1st annual #JustAceIt Brunch! It was a mixture between a celebration and an awards ceremony for recognizing those who have done amazing things for the community thus far.  Walking into the event at Come See Me in Little Italy, the atmosphere was lively, positive and all around good vibes. Before I go into the details of the event, let me tell you about the woman behind the it. Alicia West is a on air radio personality. She worked in radio in Washington DC, Detroit, and other states; but currently her home base is at 93.5 The Move.


The brunch was delicious with chicken & waffles, scrambled eggs & bacon, jerk chicken sliders and so much more! We had bottomless mimosas and champagne courtesy of Belaire Rose to toast to the beginning of something new. Recipients in recognition of the achievements they have done within and for the community received an award trophy created by PUMA.

After the food, drinks, cheers, music and mingling with all the guests; we all received gift bags. These were really, really, really nice gift bags! Everyone got a pair PUMA sneakers (that I am currently wearing right now). A passion planner journal, coconut deep conditioner treatment from CurlShoppe, and Bodacious bath bomb. We had a great time at the 1st Annual Just Ace It Brunch and look forward to all the rest!  A huge shoutout to Alicia and also her whole team that helped make the event a success!


The End Of Social Media! | Episode 10

You didn’t hear? Let me paint the picture. You wake up, grab your phone, check your instagram and BAM! It’s not there. You probably restart your phone. Still gone. Well we got a question and some more for you…Tune in.

Interview With The E-Project


Interviews are great because you get to really reflect on the beginnings, the path and they journey you still are part of. I sat down with Jodi-anne of the podcast called The E Project. We discussed the beginnings of my company Customatic. How I got into film. Working on television and continuing the business and growing it. I also gave some practical advice from being in the industry for so long. Check out the full interview below.

Justin Timberlake x Levis

Levis and Justin Timberlake came together to collab on a new collection called “Fresh Leaves”. As Justin Timberlake was scheduled for a concert in Toronto, our company Customatic was called in to do photography for the fashion line and a private premiere for select few that were invited. Check out some photography from the event and promo video.