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About Our Story


We are a digital media and video agency feeding the world with content. Focusing on producing an end product that is eye catching, professional and above all; creative! We approach every project by understanding the clients needs, wants, and bridging the gap on where their brands presence can be.

Film and digital content is what we eat, breathe and live here at Customatic. If you want a company that is going to make sure your project is done correctly and with the utmost creativity.

But the story really begins with the founder and lead filmmaker Joshua Tubbs.  Art being a passion of his since he was young. Beginning with traditional drawing and eventually moving into the airbrush art medium.   But Joshua had always loved movies since the age of 4.  Fast forward of few years and he began storytelling, documenting and creating with video as the medium.  Obsessed with editing, timing, cinematography, directing, score, sound and overall production.  It became clear that Joshua couldn’t be held to just one discipline in film. Realizing that he had a great understanding of the whole process.  Thus realizing he was a filmmaker.

Merging his knowledge of Business Marketing, filmmaking and being a TV personality, he formed Customatic.  Now Joshua has worked with fortune 500 companies, major brands, celebrities and more.  He takes pride in taking a brand, company, or individual from one level to another, by using digital media.