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December 2018

Interview With The E-Project


Interviews are great because you get to really reflect on the beginnings, the path and they journey you still are part of. I sat down with Jodi-anne of the podcast called The E Project. We discussed the beginnings of my company Customatic. How I got into film. Working on television and continuing the business and growing it. I also gave some practical advice from being in the industry for so long. Check out the full interview below.

Justin Timberlake x Levis

Levis and Justin Timberlake came together to collab on a new collection called “Fresh Leaves”. As Justin Timberlake was scheduled for a concert in Toronto, our company Customatic was called in to do photography for the fashion line and a private premiere for select few that were invited. Check out some photography from the event and promo video.

Aux God: Brunch & Battle

Last week I filmed one of the most fun events you can be at.  Have you ever heard of the Aux God Game? If you haven’t, allow me to explain.  It is a game where two teams battle with music on their phone to playing cards written by creator Mike Rousseau. And let me tell you, it can get wild! The event we were filming was the Aux God: Brunch & Battle.  So think tournament style. I’ve been to an Aux God event as an audience member and trust me, you start rocking out when certain songs get played.

Filming the event, you got to focus on your frame, even though you want to jump with the rest of the crowd.
Check out the video we produced for the Aux God Game.

To see the photos from the event click here
Photography by Max Power