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October 2018

Closure: Theatrical Trailer

The music video I created for the record Closure by Lincoln drops this week. In light of its anticipation, I present to you a trailer for the music video. As film and music collide, Closure is a record of finding solace in the ending of a relationship.

I decided to go with dialogue and a scene as a trailer, opposed to the traditional exert from the actual music video because the best way to show that emotion and premise what the record is, would be by this semi awkward encounter two ex lovers have.

PhotoED Magazine

This video we produced for PhotoED magazine, is a Pecha Kucha. You might be wondering what that is, and so was I before getting on the project. It is a style of presentation where you go through 20 slides and you have 20 seconds per each slide. Check out all the different artists that took part in the event.


Photo-based emerging artist Sage Szkabarnicki-Stuart talks
about how tv shows like Jackass inspire her to create
images to stop viewers in their tracks.

Artist and underwater photographer, MEAGHAN OGILVIE talks about
the challenges and the beauty of shooting underwater.

about how photography plays an important role in connecting
with youth and talking about ideas around perception,
assumption, diversity and dreaming big.

Artist and curator Alexis Marie Chute talks about her
work and how she came to curate the InFocus Photo Exhibition.

Artist FARIHAH SHAH talks about her work and what she’s been
exploring through her fine art photographic practice.

NPAC photojournalist Nick Iwanyshyn shares some of his favourite images and stories.

THIS IS WORLDTOWN tells us about how they work together to
share and collaborate to tell their stories.

PhotoED Magazine editor/ publisher, RITA GODLEVSKIS talks about
what we do + what’s ahead for this indy Canadian
photo publication, including our new #photoedelite MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM,
our FREE digital edition, stuff we LOVE to do + stuff we LOVE to share!

PHOTOGRAPHERS WITHOUT BORDERS founder Danielle Da Silva talks
about how the camera can do wonderful things,
but also damaging things… questions about appropriation, gaze
and questioning yourself – are you just taking?
or giving back as a photographer?

Emerging artist JUSTIN ATKINS shares his work and talks about experimentation,
creating alter egos, and entertaining yourself through your work.