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January 2018

How Long Can You Do It Alone | Episode 4

How long can you do it alone? That is the topic on todays episode. When we start up our filmmaking freelance businesses we are usually a one man band. But eventually you will get to the point where you need a team or can afford one. Now you have the choice to continue freelancing or hire employees. If you are in this limbo stage, this episode is perfect for you.

Challenges Of Going Full-Time Freelance | Episode 3

We get many questions about filmmaking tips and getting clients. But one of the most we get is from filmmakers who have or are trying to go full-time with their film business and navigate certain situations. In this episode we go over some of the challenges you will most likely face when entering into entrepreneurship full time and hopefully teach you some things to avoid.

New Year, Videos, and Social Strategy | Episode 2

Let me start off by saying Happy New Year! Did you guys miss the podcast?! We got a lot of great responses from the first episode. So now we are here weekly. You can expect a new episode every weekend.

So this episode we get into the “New year, new me” mind state that many of you are in. The most important thing coming into this new year is having a game plan. And in this episode we give you some tips that we have used and worked for us and that we are planning to use this year. We also share some of our equipment choices for filmmaking this year, as well as some social media strategies.

Anyways, enough talking. Time for you to tune in to the Secret Filmmakers Society podcast. And at the end of the episode, hit us up with answers to the questions we asked you.