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Practice Sessions 006

If you are familiar with my Practice Session series, welcome to a new one! If you are not, let me break it down for you.  Practice Session is a series on my YouTube channel where I let my creative freedom reign and create a film that doesn’t necessarily have to have any context to it.  Sometimes it is just to practice a certain shot, look, or camera movement, and sometimes it is a test for something I have coming up.  Overall, I turn it into a digestible piece for you guys to watch.


Yes you are reading the heading correctly. DJI recently released a short film that was shot entirely on a drone! I’m use to seeing cool aerial shots and aerial tracking shots of a car, or person running but never seen it used in this way at all. Now the DJI Inspire 2 wasn’t always flying when shooting. There are times the Inpire 2 was locked down and mounted like any other camera. But DJI was able to show off the camera quality alongside the new technology.

Behind the scenes

My favorite shot has to be when the Inspire 2 comes in for a landing and the camera operator takes it out of the air and pushes into the actors with a hand held shot.  The short film looks amazing and Director of Photography was Claudio Miranda. The man who won an Oscar for Life of Pi.  Below you can find the full film The Circle.

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